Soles Exterminating

In 2016, Soles Exterminating celebrated 35 years providing honest, effective, and friendly service to the residents of Pinellas County. Our company began in 1981 in a collaborative business relationship between Paul Soles, his wife Marlene Soles, his son Dan Soles, and Dan’s wife, Connie. Beginning with strong values of hard work, providing trustworthy, friendly service, and the strength of family, Paul, Marlene, Dan, and Connie began a marketing program of Paul and Dan walking door-to-door canvassing neighborhoods within St Petersburg and Seminole, Florida. They focused on meeting people and building trust for their new company. The new endeavor began part-time with Paul and Dan continuing their original employment while doing pest control as a side-line. During this time, Connie answered the phone from home while she cared for the couple’s young children. Marlene worked full-time outside the home while doing accounting for the new company.

In a relatively short time, their excellent service helped the company grow through customer referrals. Through these referrals, they soon expanded throughout Pinellas County, reaching Countryside and Tarpon Springs, down to St Pete Beach and Tierra Verde. Traditionally, our existing customers continue service with us; large number of customers have maintained pest services with Soles Exterminating for 25+ years, and many of these customers often ask our technicians to give their greetings to Paul or Dan.

We are excited about the momentum we continue to experience and are looking towards the future. We are now a 3rd generation company; the sons of Dan and Connie, Tate and Travis, are focused on moving the family’s business forward. In 2016, Tate Soles expanded the company’s footprint by starting a service route in Palm Beach County, while Travis Soles focuses his efforts on business development. With the mindset of continuous improvement, the Soles Exterminating team is determined to improve their customer’s experience as we grow.