Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

It is no longer okay for a pest control company to just focus on killing bugs. The standard has risen and we believe that environmentally friendly pest control must be the starting point for any pest management company. New expectations have driven the industry to develop chemicals and application methods to combat insects while leaving minimum impact on the environment.

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Convenient Pest Control

In today’s world, time has become more difficult to manage, and the customer values their time more than ever before. We realize this, and that is why we have become an effective, yet convenient pest control service.

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Safe Pest Control

Two of the most frequent questions we receive from potential customers is, “Is the chemical you use safe for my kids?”, or “Will the chemical hurt my dog or cat?” Safe pest control should always be what is most important.

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Exterior Pest Control

Society is quickly changing; products improve and methods evolve. The pest control industry is experiencing this same evolution of products and methods. In the past, effective pest management consisted of a pest control technician, or “bug man”, coming to your house, starting at your front door, spraying the baseboard and following that baseboard until they reached the front door again. The technician would collect money for the service and say goodbye until they came back the following month. In fact, monthly pest control was necessary because the product’s residual only lasted 30-days; beyond 30 days, the chemical became increasingly ineffective. The method was focused on interior pest control with exterior pest control used less often.

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