Convenient Pest Control

Exterior Treatment: A Convenient Pest Control Service

In today’s world, time has become more difficult to manage, and the customer values their time more than ever before. We realize this, and that is why we have become an effective, yet convenient pest control service.

Convenient Pest Control is Critical

In the past, when the primary pest control methods we used focused on treating the interior, the exterminator and the customer were forced to arrange a time to treat the house or building.  Sometimes arranging a time to meet just didn’t work for both parties involved, so the house was skipped for that month. We know how this story ends: ultimately, getting off schedule and prolonging service leads to bugs in the house.

An exterior pest control plan allows the pest control technician to perform the service without imposing on the customer. Through this no hassle approach, the customer receives the benefits of a pest free environment while receiving the convenience of hassle free scheduling. Being a customer centered pest control company, we adopted this method a few years ago. We have spent time developing best practices for exterior pest control, which have led to greater results, and exterior pest control has proven to be accommodating to our customers.

  • The customer determines the level of contact they desire
    • If the customer wants to know when the technician will be coming, then the technician will call or text the customer days before the service, letting the customer know when they will be there.
    • If the customer just wants insect control without being contacted, the technician will treat the house when they are scheduled without contacting the customer. The customer then can either pay at the time of service, or the exterminator will leave an invoice to be paid through the mail.

At which ever level of contact the customer decides on, exterior pest control gives options of flexibility to the customer. Our customers find value in the options that are offered through exterior pest control.

If you are someone who values convenient, yet effective, service, click here to receive a free quote to begin taking advantage of one of our exterior pest control programs.

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