Flea Management Program

More than likely, owning a pet while living in Florida will result, at some point, with the pet and, subsequently, the family home obtaining fleas. When this occurs it is essential that the customer makes arrangements for our Flea Management Program

The Flea Management Program consists of focusing on 3 areas of concern:

  1. The animal
  2. The interior of the home
  3. The exterior of the home

Throughout their completed lifecycle, fleas undergo four distinct stages:

  1. Egg
  2. Larvae
  3. Pupae
  4. Adult

To properly and effectively eradicate the flea problem the lifecycle must be interrupted. The Soles technicians will use a variety of methods to interrupt this cycle, but it is critical that the animal, interior of the home and exterior of the home each be treated. Successful management of fleas requires complete cooperation from the homeowner with a willingness to work  collaboratively with their technician. 

Once the customer commits to the Flea Management Program their Soles technician will walk them through each step of the  process.

Request a quote today for the Flea Management Program and we will follow up with you within 24 hours.