Quarterly Prevention Program

Dealing with bugs and rodents is a predictable part of living in Florida. No one likes getting up in the middle of the night to pour a glass of water only to discover a roach in their kitchen sink. To help ensure a similar incident doesn't happen to you, it is important to select our Quarterly Prevention Program.

Effective pest management includes a routine service program which provides customized pest protection for your home. The pest control industry's best practices continue to evolve and improve. The days of focusing on interior pest service has passed. Benefiting from years of industry experience within Pinellas County, the Soles team has found more benefit by focusing our attention on the exterior of the structure. Our goal is to achieve pest elimination by treating the outside before bugs and rodents have a chance to become a problem on the inside. Our Quarterly Prevention Program does just that – it is a proactive approach which protects your home and family, attacking and repelling pests outside before they have a chance to invade the inside.

Using a specialized formula, our highly-trained technicians apply preventative pest control treatments every three months in concentrated, specific entry areas such as windows, doors, vents, pipes and eves—the precise places where pests are likely to try to enter. In addition, this program also reduces the insect population around your home, creating a soil barrier that extends out up to 10 feet and onto your foundation wall. The prescribed treatment will result in fewer applications, year-round protection and peace of mind. This green pest control approach is better for the environment and safer for your family.

Interior: Our technicians will treat the interior of the home when it is necessary and at the customer's discretion. Some customers would rather not have any chemical sprayed inside their home. These customers have the option of requesting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) instead. IPM utilizes baits, granules, and dusts, all but eliminating the spraying of chemical inside the home.

The Soles Quarterly Prevention Program guarantees control of: Carpenter Ants, White Footed Ants, Ghost Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Crazy Ants, Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, Cockroaches (Palmetto Bugs), Spiders, Silverfish, and Earwigs.

This green pest control option uses fewer chemicals inside the home, it is more convenient and is more effective. Let's talk about protecting your home and family. Request a quote today for the Quarterly Prevention Program and we will follow up with you within 24 hours.