Safe Pest Control

Safe Pest Control: Pest Control that Is Family Friendly

Two of the most frequent questions we receive from potential customers is, “Is the chemical you use safe for my kids?”, or “Will the chemical hurt my dog or cat?” Safe pest control should always be what is most important.

Is Exterior Pest Control a Safer Option?

Safe pest control is highly dependent on the company you choose: how well do they train their technicians? How diligent are the technicians at applying the training they receive? Any pest control company’s technicians should be fully trained and practicing the proper methods for handling and applying chemicals.

Exterior pest control is a primary method used that is safer for the family and pets. Although the products we currently use inside buildings are typically lower in toxicity, why expose your family and pets to chemical if it is unnecessary? It is possible to maintain control of insects by focusing on the exterior of the house or building with a routine exterior treatment; but, with a good exterior pest control program, the technician treats the inside of the house if it becomes necessary. This method limits your family’s exposure to the products being used.


How Can the Homeowner Help to Provide a Safe Pest Control Experience

    • Do the kids have toys in the yard?
    • Where is the dog’s food and water bowl?
    • Are the windows open inside your house?

Be sure that toys in the yard are picked up, your pet’s food and water is not exposed and that your windows are closed. The pest management technician is always careful not to spray (directly or indirectly) on these items, but it always best to prepare ahead of spraying to ensure the safety of your family. Safe pest control should be the goal of the company who you entrust with your pest management

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